Tuning Scania S 1.40

Hello everyone, I leave you the update 1.40 of the Scania s tuning mod, in addition to having fixed the defects of the first version, I have added several things that you can see in the video, such as illuminated badge, neon in the mask and upper bar with slot, I hope you like it in the next video.
version: 1.40
works on SCS and Eugene.

do not reload the mod thanks.

Sorry for the bad English

Scs, Ciak


14 thoughts on “Tuning Scania S 1.40

  1. littlemaN

    archive is corrupt warning

  2. TheNuvolari

    The guy locked the mod because he thinks we won’t notice that he stole files and packed them into one.

    Disgusting behavior at its finest.

    1. TheNuvolari

      Ah shoot it’s not that mod, ignore this comment 😅

  3. Mindaugas Leskauskas

    its damega pack, not work…..

  4. First they learn from the free mods of the old authors,
    the second very important thing they do is block mods.
    Fortunately, there are people who explain how to unlock these mods (software and explanations can be found on all forums and also on SCS forum) I don’t understand why they waste time!
    I’ve always hated this behavior.

  5. AvM Transport

    If you don’t like someone use your stuff: Don’t upload it. Easy going 😉

    1. If you refer to me you have not understood anything, otherwise I apologize,
      your comment you should do it to those who block mods no to me,
      I remind you that all the files are owned by SCS not by the people you want to defend. As for my things (skins and tutorials for ETS2studio and Modstudio2) find them on the forum and read the descriptions carefully.
      I salute you

      1. AvM Transport

        I don’t refer to your comment. All fine.

        1. 🙏😉AvM Transport

  6. Müjdad ASURER

    Thanks bro for this original link..

  7. kan je ook die led strip bij de Scania logo ook oranje maken


  9. please update to 1.41 thanks

  10. por favor hazlo para version 1.41 amigo,es genial un saludo

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