Tuning Scania S 2016 for MP

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Tuning Scania S 2016 for MP.
Required: Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
Test: 1.30+
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SCS and ♕-SlawkA-♕


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9 thoughts on “Tuning Scania S 2016 for MP

  1. 在多人游戏吗?

  2. KungLaoHD

    don’t work

  3. 假的mod1.30不工作

    1. Everything is working. Are you noobs?
      See 2 videos.

      1. https://youtu.be/Ig4QDcELFhQ
      2. https://youtu.be/qkzl5eCT1MQ

      1. 很抱歉,我弄错了

      2. KungLaoHD

        He he, i see it’s working when i buy a new Scania and fount this scania then. Works only when buy a new scania.

        Nice plugin but the Exhaust system is too far inside

  4. nuttywolf3

    Main thing I see wrong in the video’s is that the ex. stacks clip into the back of the cab.

  5. Only developers can fix this. Or we are waiting for a new tuning for the new Scania.

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