Tunning Cummins engines for Peterbilt 389


Tunned Cummins Engines for Peterbilt 389

QSK 50 2000HP 16 Cyl. LINE
QSK 60 2700HP 16 Cyl. LINE TURBO
QSK 78 3500HP V18 TURBO

Originals specs from cummins engines



9 thoughts on “Tunning Cummins engines for Peterbilt 389

  1. Unfortunately no Peterbilt truck run on V1.9.22 yet.
    Becouse all have truck.png file is bigger as 10 MB.
    The new version must convert it during the game, then crashes the program. (DX9 buffer problem). Only one American truck correct:Kenworth t200 But it’s ugly.Thank you for your work.

    1. bismarckland

      I’m playing with Peterbilt 389 on 1.9.22 (and on more recent beta also) without any problem

    2. https://ets2.lt/en/peterbilt-389-v-3-1/ работа на 1 9 24 1 консоль чистая

    3. https://ets2.lt/en/peterbilt-389-v-3-1/ работа на консоль чистая

    4. Ignore this guy, he has NO IDEA what he’s talking about.

  2. TugaTunning


    klever i have the pertebilt truck, in the image, working just fine on V1.9.22.

    Thank you

  3. TugaTunning

    Greatings truckers

    Todays update is tunned chassis…


    Tuga Tunning

  4. Those who drive the Peterbilt-389-v-3-1 they are lucky. Press the \ on keyboard (consol information)Are there any red lines? If so, that’s a time bomb. A small map error and explosions. Thank you.

  5. ben kelly

    what dealer has this mod i can not find it anywhere?

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