Turbo Engine & Transmission +1250HP All Trucks, Dual Cluth 1.42 v0.10.2

Press the accelerator, feel the force of your engine, and a unique transmission. Simulates the dual clutch in a cargo truck.

Everything from this mod.

Tested in ETS2 1.42

Change log:
* A new sound library was included in the game ( for the classic Volvo FH16, this prevented the sound from the cockpit from being heard well. It is finally patched.

* As well as descriptive information for the new Mercedes Benz Actros, which had to be completed.

Do not forget to remove the previous mod and put this new one, the version 0.10.2 must remain, if when loading it tells you that there are absent mods, just be sure that if you activated the new mod on 0.10.2.

Then, you need to download version 0.10.2 for game version 1.42. If you are using the ETS2 1.41 version of the game use version 0.10.1.


*El Mishi


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