Turbo fan sound for all trucks v1.1


-v1.1: compatible with the new sound of scania streamline (version 1.9.22)

Creator of the sound: Sib3rius
Edit: XxAndrea360xX


5 thoughts on “Turbo fan sound for all trucks v1.1

  1. volvo4life


  2. Very funny 😀

    Mod itself is nice (Stolen idea from Witzco) but its not TURBO …
    Yeah, it replaces default turbo sound, but its NOT turbo, it never was and it will never be …
    Turbo is whistling, it does not make any deep sound like here, this mod is just engine fan controlled by engine rpm’s …

    1. XxAndrea360xX

      Thank you, I forgot.

  3. semir-skyline

    Verry.verry nice mod !! Thanks

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