Turbo Power for any Trucks

turbo power for any trucks
Daf Xf
Daf Xf Euro 6
Iveco Hiwey
Iveco Stralis
Man Tgx
Mercedes Actros
Renault Magnum
Renault Premium
Scania r (excluded)
Volvo Fh 16
Volvo Fh 16 2012
thanks a lot



7 Responses to Turbo Power for any Trucks

  1. TRUCKER says:

    All files from 2015 !!!

    I see this site turns into a garbage dump for self-assertion of underdeveloped youngsters …

    On a site it is necessary to make a ranking of mods on likes and dislikes !!!!!!!!

    Otherwise among this [email protected]$H it is impossible to find anything worthwhile !!!

  2. hristaki says:

    Only kids on this #### site.

    • TRUCKER says:

      I have nothing against children on this site.
      But let them first learn to do worthwhile things and then spread their mods!
      NOT THIS [email protected]$ !!!

  3. TRUCKER says:

    And also pasted his photo !
    Is this a DATING SITE ?!

    Well, at least now we know the hero of this mod !!!

  4. káposzta123 says:

    Dude xDD
    All the standard trucks in the game have a turbo engine in real life.
    That’s how they come from the factory.
    This is not some “tuning” that needs a mod to be in the game xDD

  5. Ripperino2K says:

    seems the chinese gold farmers found a new hobby, to post outdated completely not working stuff on here with sharemods link to farm some sweet coins for doing nothing.
    This site require better moderation and testers before other people get their computers infected with sh*t.
    Its not only 1 person spreading this bullcrap but there is a whole team behind this mess.
    You can tell the edgyness by the looks of it , that picture for example and seen couple of others with DOWNLOAD NOW , or , GO ! , or YOU”RE THE BEST!.

    Do not download anything from these clowns !

  6. TRUCKER says:

    This site MUST HAVE a RANKING of mods on likes and dislikes to easily separate UGLY, BAD or FAKE Mods !

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