Turkish Flag For All Trucks [Standalone]

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Turkish flag mod for all trucks
Mod is standalone you can buy in side mirror select Turk Bayragi
Share original link only please
Dont change textures all files locked
Share with my name

Tüm tırlar için Türk bayrağı modudur
Yan aynayı seçip Turk Bayragi yazanı seçip takabilirsiniz
Bayrağın dds lerini değiştirmeyiniz
Bayrağı söküp kullanmak yasaktır.
Tüm dosyalar kilitlidir
Orijinal link ile isim belirterek paylaşınız

Author: adarf33Mods


21 thoughts on “Turkish Flag For All Trucks [Standalone]

  1. you put out to dry clothes?
    if you close the radiator the engine goes to boiling temperature,

    1. adarf33Mods

      You are so funny huh?
      This is my Country’s flag you can’t talk it with dry clothes.Respect it.

      I know if i close radiator’s air enterance the engine goes to boiling temperature but; This isn’t closing completely and it isn’t next to grill if you download as you can see.


      1. I have not offended the flag
        I made a joke do not speak English
        Perhaps the translation is not correct.
        I want to remind here and a place for fun and games
        we are not at war, and to me the flags do not give anything.
        this and my opinion

        1. adarf33Mods

          Thanks 🙂

  2. This is illegal. Flag could come in front of the windscreen what could cause an accident… Who is doing this, never seen it before anywhere

    1. adarf33Mods

      How can flag come in front of the front glass?
      If you press gas pedal it is sticking to grill think a little bit please 😉
      All Turkish truckers did this when 15 July in Turkey….

      1. Any police in Europe would stop you and tell you to remove it.
        I think its really a mod for turkish in turkey.

        What was on July 15th? National Holiday?

  3. AlexCrazy

    no need this ###### idiotic sh!t :)))

    1. sheppardpat47


    2. Ahmet Özkul

      Hey Alex Die in your #### you #### head I dont want your garbage thinks and shity words on this mod If you dont like dont download. and get the hell out you dipshit rude

      1. Ahmet:
        die*, don’t*, thoughts*, ######*, don’t*.

        I understand -english isn’t your mother’s tongue, but then again, mine is czech and my eyes keep bleeding…

        1. Ahmet Özkul

          Shut up fool

  4. Amuğakodumun gavurları siz ne anlarsınız.
    Helal olsun kardeşim çok güzel çalışma.

    1. ardahanlı

      Bayrağı sevmeyene direğini sokarız .

  5. Defensor Fidei

    Don´t need flag of muslim Europe-blackmailing country, which head of state is islamic autocrat collaborating with ISIS.

  6. Came for the comments. Worth the trip hahahahahaha

  7. adarf33Mods


  8. kamil22conqueror

    Good job adarf33Mods,I love it.thanks for sharing.make Turkey look proud!

  9. kamil22conqueror

    Nice job,adarf33Mods,i love it.Thanks for sharing.Make Turkey look proud!

  10. Turkey is not Europe!

  11. Hello
    Hear some respect.. mode job is not easy Do not act like children

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