Turkish Job MAN TGX Edit Professional

Man-TGX-3 Man-TGX-1 Man-TGX-2

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Authors: SCS, BaŞkaN_58


11 thoughts on “Turkish Job MAN TGX Edit Professional

  1. If it’s a turkish job, no thanks. I can’t drive a truck with all these ridiculous gypsies customizations. A lot of red which hurts my eyes. After 5 minutes in such a truck, you’ll reaches to see circles.

    1. FragmaniaGame

      Firstly Thank you for comment. I will say your comment to author. I wish you will make more beautiful mod.

  2. Is it paintable?

  3. Military_Pig

    Очередное турецкое дерьмо !!!

  4. It’s not a Turkish job. You can’t see such trucks in traffic. It’s not allowed by law.

    It’s a mod that created by a guy who has passion on modding but doesn’t have a proper education, an avarage brain and a good taste.

    A guy with a good family or some good high school degree(at least) can’t do such things. In fact it’s all about education.

    People like these are shame of those countries.
    They are really pathetic, that’s sad.

    1. DerTuerko

      sitedeki en guzel yorumu yapmissin helal olsun

  5. Modu yapanı Allah bildiği gibi yapsın.

    Ulan siz ailecek kerhane ya da pavyonda mı çalışıyorsunuz?

    Şöyle rezil modları böyle yabancı sitelerde paylaşıp bizi rezil etmeyin.

    Siktirin gidin kendi sikik kamyon forum sitelerinizde paylaşın.

    Her Türk modunun altında kesinlikle bir yabancı sövüyor, lanet olsun lan sizin gibi cahil veletlere. Senin pavyon modunu elin oğlu ne yapsın?

    Bütün aleme adımızı lekeliyorsunuz kro kekolar!!!

    1. Başkan_58

      mk ozaman gel en iyisini yap mk biz gidipde axora halci yapıp heryerini fosfor yapıp payllaşmıoş sonra neden piyasada türk işi araçlar neden yok neden paylaşılmıyor diye itiraz etmeyin

  6. Another Turkish trash. Turkey is not Europe.

  7. Instead of this s**t on windscreen, another mod that isn’t usable.I know thats turkey has this tradition to all logistical companies to have this s****s on windscreen,but, sorry if i say this but here, in ,Romania, you wil see only pillows and blankets on beds, curtains and 1 vimpel, and GPS or telephone and professional truckers. And books ,bagages. All this makes me to feel in truck with this objects to feel me like home, not like this ###### and garbages on windscreen,Even me, i don’t use Cabin DLC, but i play on version because i modded all interiors in all trucks with some usable, not this objects.

    1. Ahmet Özkul

      Hey Alex. Im a Turkish too but I hate them mods too. Do not feed this ###### modders like this. He is just a ######. Don’t download this trash.

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