Twotone skin for Scania


You can choose your own colours in the paintmenu.

Use of Truck Shop by Maghetto is recommended because of the grille colour.

No wheels or other parts included in the mod.

A skin for the Scania Topline, Highline and lowroof. (Only tested on Topline)

Author: BartvHam


9 thoughts on “Twotone skin for Scania

  1. Hello BartvHam,

    Cool idee met de two-tone lak. Mijn vraag is hoe heb je de originele zonneklep met Maghetto Truck Shop? Ik heb v6 en het ori-zonneklep er niet meer.

    Groeten Matze_D

  2. Bart van Ham

    De zonneklep is gemaakt voor één cabine, de originele A cabine van SCS. Door de “suitable for” regel uit de def te verwijderen is hij geschikt voor alle cabines, ook die van Maghetto.

  3. ¿Como puedo descargarlo? me lo envías…


    1. Downloadlink is right under the image, just like every mod on this site.
      Next time English please.

  4. The link does not work. It does not allow to come out

    1. On the downloadpage it says ” Click here to start download from sendspace” That is the downloadlink

  5. Where do people find these wheel mods in the first place? Cause those are good wheels!

    1. Here you go, you just need to recolor them;

      I will try to upload my version (auto recolor with truck) in the future.

  6. pirosfeherzsold


    deze skin is echt top!

    ga al me scania’s maar deze liveries geven!
    – heb alleen een Scania gekocht omdat ik die in deze kleur wou spuiten haha!


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