TZ Express Trailer Pack


This mod replaces the original trailers SCS TZ express trailer.

List of trailers:
– Aero dynamic 2 win
– Bodex walking floor
– Fliegl log trailer
– Vanhool cistern
– Glass trailer langendorf
– Wielton cistern
– Koegel Maxx
– Krone Cool Liner
– Krone Mega Liner
– Lamberet SR2 futura
– Panel transporter
– Schmitz S.PR
– Schwarzmuller cistern

For Patch 1.14.x

Authors: Paulo, SCS software, Csumpi, Robson92, Wombat, Kamil, Driver, Patryk, Wietszyk SCS software, Igor, Sib3rius, HoburPawTrans


7 Responses to TZ Express Trailer Pack

  1. dejavu says:

    What is the difference other mod?

  2. key1999 says:


  3. Misha says:

    Guys please update for version ver 1.14 good working but 1.15 ….

  4. Swiz says:

    Guys please update for version 1.23.2 … keep up the good work

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