TZ Express Trailer Pack


This mod replaces the original trailers SCS TZ express trailer.

List of trailers:
– Aero dynamic 2 win
– Bodex walking floor
– Fliegl log trailer
– Vanhool cistern
– Glass trailer langendorf
– Wielton cistern
– Koegel Maxx
– Krone Cool Liner
– Krone Mega Liner
– Lamberet SR2 futura
– Panel transporter
– Schmitz S.PR
– Schwarzmuller cistern

For Patch 1.14.x

Authors: Paulo, SCS software, Csumpi, Robson92, Wombat, Kamil, Driver, Patryk, Wietszyk SCS software, Igor, Sib3rius, HoburPawTrans


7 thoughts on “TZ Express Trailer Pack

  1. Standalone?

    1. NO “This mod replaces the original trailers SCS TZ express trailer.”

      1. You mean it replaces the default SCS trailers? Your English is not very clear.

        1. yes default SCS trailers

  2. Guys please update for version ver 1.14 good working but 1.15 ….

  3. Guys please update for version 1.23.2 … keep up the good work

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