TZ Rolfo Cartrans

TZ Rolfo Cartrans-3 TZ Rolfo Cartrans-2 TZ Rolfo Cartrans-1

This mod replaces the original SCS car_transporter, trailer ROLFO car Transport.
Mod is manufactured and tested to version 1.17.1 game. and 1.18.1, and may not be compatible with other modes.
TZ Express trailer mod you install on your own danger. The author disclaims any responsibility for possible damage caused
this modem.

Authors: Rommi TZ, Sheryo, Tony1971, HOTRACER, SCS software


4 Responses to TZ Rolfo Cartrans

  1. Canonir says:

    Rommi TZ hello, I love you from the trailers, please refrigerator Kogel and redo your old tarp , please do it on a par with the cab, the same height, it is asking you !!!

  2. Dan4o says:

    Very nice mod but how about new cars? The original SCS Oktavias are too boring…

  3. DanCore says:

    Will you make Compatible for patch 1.34 ??

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