U.R Physic Mod v 5.4.1 Fixed Transmission


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Fixed Transmission

– Whell Suspansion
– Cabin Suspansion
– Whell and Cabin Mass
– Cabin Strength
– Trailer Suspansion

Trucks compatible with the mod:
– Scania RJL and T
– Kenworth W900 and T680,
– Peterbilt 579
– Volvo VNL

Author: SmhKzl



7 thoughts on “U.R Physic Mod v 5.4.1 Fixed Transmission

  1. thanks,I like this mod. but I use Scania T by RJL V2.0 and your mod only,then the game will crash…Can you fix?

    1. same

  2. for Scania 4 series also please

  3. The best physics mod but needs more support for moded trucks. Madster’s MAN would be great, also ohaha’s volvo would be nice

  4. My best mod physic, long time ! But add DAF_XF_95_H-Weeda pls.. Thx for your very good job “)

  5. Very nice mod. But for some reason if i try to change a wheel whit the “wheel tuning pack” official DLC, the game instant crash. I tried only with Scania Streamline RJL. If I turn off your mod, i can change wheels, pneus, all, whitout problems. Turning ON your mod, the game is ok, but you can’t use the wheel pack Dlc. Thx anyway for your great job.

  6. Still the best physic mod, but this version also crashes my game when i try to buy a different gearbox (from a mod) and also crashes when i’m using the RJL tcab2009… Fix it, cos i need your mod! ffs

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