U.R Physics Mod v 6.0 – SmhKzl

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– Whell Suspansion
– Cabin Suspansion
– Whell and Cabin Mass
– Cabin Strength
– Trailer Suspansion
– Re-Edit All Settings


** Works on ETS2 Original Trucks

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – v1.30.x




18 thoughts on “U.R Physics Mod v 6.0 – SmhKzl

  1. Ricardo pascoal

    Is the only mod I use of physics.
    It’s very good.

  2. Sonunda 🙂

  3. Thank you! This is the most realistic physics mod in my opinion.

    Can you make it compatible with the Scania by RJL and MAN TGA?

  4. Yep,i was waiting for it!!!!

  5. Yes its very very nice……can you make it for Scania RJL please ?

  6. Üstad en sonunda geldin valla şu kamyonları kullanması senin sayende zevkli oluyor emeğine sağlık çok teşekkürler başarılar.

  7. Strahinja

    SCS should implement your work. You made this so good that this is mod became must to use! Thanks!!!

  8. Very Nice Work !!

  9. very good one thanks look real trucks expept to RJL / KRAKER Tandem, but really best one

  10. THANKS !!!

  11. The mod is very good. But where is the map for test physics?

  12. Üstat arayı bu kadar uzatma en eski sürümde çalışıyordu ama eminim bu daha iyidir emeğine sağlık.

  13. Arthur Vince

    Cheers.. and thank you, nice mod… (for all the fakers and trolls who uploading #### or stolen mods, big probs to hard working modders like this guy(s)…)

  14. TROLLzone Gaming
  15. Can you make it for MAN Euro6 by MADster please?
    Btw. very nice work!!

  16. Crach_Craite

    Still the best to date!

  17. https://yadi.sk/i/nKLZ22pjoN2EWA
    On version 1.34 such problem by all trucks. Highly the axis rises

  18. very good

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