U.R Physics Mod v 7.0 – SMHKZL Mods

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SmhKzl Mods – U.R Physic Mod v7.0 – 2019

– Whell Suspansion
– Cabin Suspansion
– Whell and Cabin Mass
– Cabin Strength
– Trailer Suspansion
– Re-Edit All Settings

** Works on ETS2 Trucks

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – v1.34.x



2 thoughts on “U.R Physics Mod v 7.0 – SMHKZL Mods

  1. Hi SmhKzl,
    Are you recommended values for uset g_suspension_stiffness, uset g_trailer_stability, uset g_truck_stability?

  2. The best suspension physics I’ve ever used and still use. Thank you so much for the new update bruh!

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