U.S. Сurrency 1.0


This adds the option to enable U.S. Dollars in the game with the
conversion of $1.363 to 1 EUR. To enable, edit current profile (in
game) and select “us_currency” and then apply, load profile then go to
“options/gamplay” then under “Displayed Currency” select USD. This
will convert your current amount that you have to US Dollars along
with gas prices and purchasable vehicle prices.

Tested on game version and TSM 4.5.6/TSMDieselpreisupdater.



2 Responses to U.S. Сurrency 1.0

  1. TCEd502 says:

    finally! hope this works, been waiting for someone to make this forever..

  2. rubleep says:

    I installed it and it won’t work.

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