UK Improved Signage v 1.2 [1.28]

This mod aims to replace UK road signs in ETS2 with more realistic versions.
– Corrected UK 30mph signs
– Replaced all 60mph signs with ‘National Speed Limit’ signs
– Replaced the UK ‘No Waiting’ sign with no U-Turns (the no waiting sign is hardly ever used in the UK, yellow kerb lines are used instead)
– Replaced all other UK street signs and dangerous bend chevrons with more accurate versions
– UK Speed cameras are now yellow on all sides
– Replaced UK roadworks speed signs with clearer more accurate versions
– Replaced all UK city entrance signs
– New UK gas station ‘price boards’
– Replaced UK border ‘drive on left’ and speed conversion signs
– Replaced all UK ‘small road navigation’ signs (arrow direction signs not on motorways)

Phil Bean


5 thoughts on “UK Improved Signage v 1.2 [1.28]

  1. Nice mod! It gives UK more realism. Thanks!

  2. Does it work with ProMods?

  3. Does it work with Rusmap, Project Balkans Southern Region map??

  4. Felix Cheung

    what is the mod name ? I don’t see it in the files…

    1. you put the zip in your mod folder, like a scs file

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