UK & Republic Of Ireland Map 1.9 Scale v 0.10 [1.28] [updated 12/9/17]

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The map contains only 26 complete cities so far.

Going East, Scandinavia and Viva La France DLC’s are all Required for this map to work.

Map works with all other mod’s exept map mods.

Cities included in version 0.10:

West Brom
Newport { WAL }
Cardiff { WAL }
Pontypridd { WAL }
Bridgend { WAL }
Swansea { WAL }
Haverfordwest { WAL }
Fishguard { WAL }
Rosslare { IRE }
Waterford { IRE }
Cork { IRE }
Limerick { IRE }
Shannon { IRE }

Cities in map but not complete yet:


……………………… Important Company Garage Information ………………………………………………………………………………..

DONT buy any company garages with a fictional name’s as these are going to be given real names or deleted in future updates
which could cause in a CTD/Crash to desktop if you own any, and they no are no longer in the map, if you do own any relocate vehicles to another
garage and sell them , ive added 4 new garages in the up coming new version 0.5 which you can use and have not removed any of the fictional garages from this version but will in 0.6


Download Link to the map and the models & prefab below , open up the 7z file and place the the two scs file’s in your mod folder and then activate in the correct order, placing the model and prefab mod above the map mod in the mod manager
then delete older version’s of the map and model & prefab mod


Start new profile and activate both the map and prefab and model mod in correct order the select chopworld.mbd playing module
if your updating from an older version just delete map mod and replace new version in mod folder without any effect on game , but u will lose any job you are on so complete your current
job first

SCS Software, AndrewReid ( Beta Tester ) Serb1205 ( Beta Tester ) , FLD ( prefab package ) , SlavikSD ( map zoom )


14 thoughts on “UK & Republic Of Ireland Map 1.9 Scale v 0.10 [1.28] [updated 12/9/17]

  1. z jakimi mapami działać będzie czy to tylko jest samodzielna mapa?

    1. Luki pisze przecież, że osobny moduł ;). Tak czy siak, wywala do pulpitu

  2. please make this map compatible with TSM 6.6.1 please

  3. work+from+tsm+map?

  4. Didnt work at all. I check as standalone, and with promods.Still same, didnt work on 1.28 version.Please make this mode compatible with other ones in future

  5. Work for promods?

  6. Stephen Butler

    It sounds to me like it might be sensible to wait for version 0.6 at the earliest before downloading. Fictional names, incompatibility with other maps, and reports of its simply not working are all reasons why it is probably better to wait a while before unleashing it to the baying hordes. However, the map in principle is very interesting and is certainly worth pursuing. I like the idea of dramatically increasing the number of cities available in the UK, as well as Ireland, of course. x

  7. To lipa jak wywala szkoda że nie działa normalnie z mapami to kasuje ja bo juz pobralem ją?

  8. Dr. Richard Heade

    What a load of rubbish. And since when was West Brom a City???

    And the spellings for these areas in future are –

    West Bromwich

  9. needs leeds!

  10. derick field

    its says no file when u download it strange

  11. update for version 1.35

  12. no file…cant download

  13. ссылка не работает

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