UK SDC Trailer


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UK SDC Company’s have been added to a uk variant SDC trailer. Company are as follow:
Currie Euorpean
Premier Logistics
Jeffrys Haulage
John Raymond Transport

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Maticus1999, Ash-Ole, Henry Hay, Smith Engineering, Bora, Volvo Oli


9 thoughts on “UK SDC Trailer

  1. StObArT03

    Great mod! Any chance you could make a stobart skin on that trailer? Thanks

    1. Maticus1999

      So art do not use these variants of trailers, they use the version with plastic sideskirts

    2. Maticus1999

      *Stobart sorry, silly auto correct 😀

    3. Click in menu Stobart(s) at company or truck skin

  2. just type name in search i have that for 1.17 or 1.18 i think

  3. craig1776

    where does the guy live that made the Jeffery haulage skin as that company is in my town, (01283) Burton upon Trent number (UK)

    1. Maticus1999

      I made the Jeffreys haulage trailer, and yes I am also local 🙂

  4. Replace trailers scs ?

    1. Maticus1999

      Replaces SCS Curtain Siders

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