UK/British Trailers Pack

Tested on the newest version of the game.
Includes: Bedworth Haulage LTD, Currie European, D. Steven & Son,
Eddie Stobart, E.M. Rogers Transport, GS Haulage LTD, Neely Transport, Rwilkes Transport and Storage LTD, Spendlove Logistics and Truswell Haulage.
Please do not reupload.



2 thoughts on “UK/British Trailers Pack

  1. It is not correct to use the textures edited by other authors
    and when using the files of other authors would be fair to add the name.
    What do you think about it?
    please reply

  2. Simon Lees

    My first job was with Bedworth Haulage. Weird seeing them in a game.

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