Ukeire Map Mod ETS2 1.41

Standalone 1.7 Scale Map of the Uk and Ireland

Released But Further Versions Under Development

Release Date 12/09/2021

ETS2 Version 1.41

You MUST have these DLCs to play on the map:
– DLC Going East
– DLC Scandinavia
– DLC France
– DLC Italia
– DLC Baltics
– DLC Black Sea
– DLC Iberia

Here is a list of compatible mods, with the map:
-Naturalux (graphic mod) Or Any Graphic, Weather Mod’s
-Sound fix pack (sound pack)
-All traffic packs (Jazzycat..)
-Mods that increase traffic density.
Most mods work, these are the main ones. { Not Other Map Mods }

Here is a video tutorial about how to install the map for a first time use :



3 thoughts on “Ukeire Map Mod ETS2 1.41

  1. Basically a good map. Too many errors and warnings in console but doesn’t cause game to crash. It includes some nice touches so worth having a drive round this map. Hope it will continue to have updates and clear errors {manly front licence plate in eire} Look forward to your reply chopworld

  2. Andy Gallacher

    Should be called England and Ireland map since only half the UK is on here

  3. rob suter

    This map has got some real potential hope Chop keeps up with devolpments look forward to a further update on it soon.

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