Ukrainian Fem Skin

Ukrainian Fem (1) Ukrainian Fem (2)

Dedicated to Ukrainian Girls
Tested 1.18.3
Trucks: Volvo (stok & Ohaha), Mercedes 2014, DAF Euro 6 (stok)

Рleasant trips!

Author: Din Stalker


13 Responses to Ukrainian Fem Skin

  1. Angerfist says:

    Thanks! Glory to Ukraine! Death to our enemies!

    • KOMEPCAHT says:

      Actually, death to Ukraine will be on Sep 23. And Ukraine’s “enemies” will be able to take the trash that use to be a decent country to international court over unpaid dept. Enjoy!

      • watwataaa says:

        I think Ukraine is still going today though, and its NOVEMBER 15th. lol

  2. Матроскін says:


  3. vel800 says:

    Thanks! Beautiful!

  4. boychyk says:

    very nice and original, thanks

  5. Din Stalker says:

    Спасибо всем.

  6. Andrew Reader says:

    Hello Dan is there any chance you could make a trailer skin to along the trucks as a combo skin set. As using the truck skin now but would great to have a trailer to go with it.

    • Din Stalker says:

      skins on the trailers, I was not yet 🙂
      but I’ll try …

  7. Andrew Reader says:

    Thanks Din, looking forward to it, hope that you are able to do the trailer with your truck skin. PM me?

  8. Sashko says:

    Thank you

  9. watwataaa says:

    Beautiful skin 😉

  10. Slava says:


    Smrt Russhit

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