Ultimate Physics v 3.0 FINAL


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Minor changes in comparison to the former version
Attention: Those changes do not influence the behaviour of trailer.
Tested with 1.9.22 game version

Author: Martinez



27 thoughts on “Ultimate Physics v 3.0 FINAL

  1. Final – until the next version

    1. Can you read with understanding? Yes or no?

  2. чуть больше кочение кабины сделай. При остановки утебя он как вкопанный , а добавь пару слабых калебаний

    1. laurentiu824

      yra,next time pls write in chinese so anyone can understand your opinion

    2. в предыдущих моих версиях всё, что тобе нужно. смотри Ultimate Physics v1.0/ v2.0

      1. laurentiu824

        러시아어 PTR에 쓰기위한 감사합니다, 나는 당신이 무슨 말을 이해 할 수있는 방법을 만들어 ptr의,하지만 당신은 러시아어로 작성하기로 결정하는 경우 난 단지 당신의 무감각이라고 할 수 있습니다

        1. laurentinu824

          no offense, it was no for you.

          1. laurentiu824

            okay Martinez,sorry for that too 🙂

    3. @ YRA в предыдущих моих версиях всё, что тобе нужно. смотри Ostateczny Fizyka v1.0 / v2.0

  3. who cares about russian anyway…….the only thing they love its their own ### and crimea

    1. Sarkissian

      So, you love someone else’s ###??

    2. Bud if you love someone else’s ### ,you need to have a check,something might be wrong with you. Please pay a short visit to yer friendly doctor .. or a priest for that matter i hear they *love someone else*s ###* also .. you can confess there,yer sins,or maybe get some tips :>

  4. Guys! Would you mind stop sharing your political views here?! This is not the right place for this. Only comments regarding my mode are welcomed and recommended. Thanks

    1. Well said ! cheers to you!
      Your mod is good in my opinion it is better than one of the others that I have downloaded and tried recently ( at least I don’t get sea-sick traveling down an Autobahn!). Keep up the good work looking forward to more mods from you
      Drive fast! Take chances, and stop for no one! well, except for blondes brunettes and redheads!

      1. thx 😉

    2. ça… si laurentius n’avait pas râlé sur les problème de langues ça ne serait pas arrivé… on peut le remercier sur ce coup là. XD.
      Sinon bon travail.

      1. laurentiu824

        cherrier I went on the language issue because it is a universal site and to understand the opinion of everyone who downloaded this way

  5. error in log:
    00:12.939 : Mounting extra package: C:/Users/a/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/Ultimate Physics v3.0 Final.scs
    00:00:12.953 : [zipfs] Unsupported compression method used: 99 for record #2 – def/vehicle/physics.sii from ‘C:/Users/a/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/Ultimate Physics v3.0 Final.scs’.

  6. laurentiu824

    and for Martinez.it’s a good mod,even if i did one too,i try it yours too,and i can say it’s a good one

  7. I do not see the whole log. I do not know what modes you have in your game. Check

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl0kh1x9infsygc/Ultimate Physics v3.0 Final(test compression).scs

  8. Obydwa dają 404

    1. Now no error in log but crashing game. When I disable your mod works ok, weird 🙂

  9. No errors no crash, again tested. Pure provocation.

  10. No errors, no crash!!! Extra mod!

  11. There is an error when mod is loaded. ETS2 only uses compression method as DEFLATE. Otherwise it will throws error.. I know what I’m talking..

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