Ultimate Physics v5.0


Minor changes in suspension and behaviour of the cab in comparison to
the former version.

Martinez (Borsuk)


14 thoughts on “Ultimate Physics v5.0

  1. Really good mod. Can you give me the name of the Daf truck mod.


  2. Which road is this

  3. I think it’s not in Euro Truck Simulator, Girishim and FLO

  4. Well truck is from ETS 2 probably

  5. video please!!

    1. The truck is from ETS 2. I will not share the video with you because each track behaves in a different way. The file weighs 1.6 KB. Please upload it and test it.

  6. *truck

  7. You’re good at photoshop atleast. Not gonna download it tho, does not have any ingame pic. 😛

  8. My physics mod is very very beter!


    1. LionBuster


  9. @Vahid. If is it so good why does it require advertising under my mod?

  10. AmericanTrucker

    Does this work with the Volvo VNL780?

  11. no

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