Ultimate Savegame

ultimate-savegame-1 ultimate-savegame-2 ultimate-savegame-3

A new *updated SAVEGAME* for ETS2 v 1.1.1

Boring to earn money and explore in ETS2?
Don’t worry.
I have a SAVEGAME with the following features:



12 thoughts on “Ultimate Savegame

  1. dont work

    1. Jayanth_Reddy_A

      As I have mentioned above,it works on version 1.1.1.
      I am not sure whether it works on version 1.26.x.x.
      If you are on version 1.1.1 and it doesn’t work,let me know.

      1. Link not working

  2. no dlc required?

    1. Jayanth_Reddy_A

      DLCs are only additional packages or patches.
      It is a savegame.
      It works without and with DLCs also.

  3. Jayanth u even installed some mods in that right… Why did u?

    1. Jayanth_Reddy_A

      Yeah ANURAAG..
      I have only included 9999hp engine mod that helps everyone to enrich the simulation.Are there any problems in it?

  4. Anonymous

    Where should i put the mod file

    1. Jayanth_Reddy_A

      Replace the FOLDER : “Euro Truck Simulator 2” which is in “DOCUMENTS” folder by the same folder in the downloaded file.

  5. hola

  6. Cengiz Topcu

    Mod icin tskler ama türkce dil neden yok

  7. How to install only the save game.

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