Ultimate Savegame

ultimate-savegame-1 ultimate-savegame-2 ultimate-savegame-3

A new *updated SAVEGAME* for ETS2 v 1.1.1

Boring to earn money and explore in ETS2?
Don’t worry.
I have a SAVEGAME with the following features:



10 Responses to Ultimate Savegame

  1. benny says:

    dont work

    • Jayanth_Reddy_A says:

      As I have mentioned above,it works on version 1.1.1.
      I am not sure whether it works on version 1.26.x.x.
      If you are on version 1.1.1 and it doesn’t work,let me know.

  2. sahel says:

    no dlc required?

    • Jayanth_Reddy_A says:

      DLCs are only additional packages or patches.
      It is a savegame.
      It works without and with DLCs also.

  3. Anuraag says:

    Jayanth u even installed some mods in that right… Why did u?

    • Jayanth_Reddy_A says:

      Yeah ANURAAG..
      I have only included 9999hp engine mod that helps everyone to enrich the simulation.Are there any problems in it?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where should i put the mod file

    • Jayanth_Reddy_A says:

      Replace the FOLDER : “Euro Truck Simulator 2” which is in “DOCUMENTS” folder by the same folder in the downloaded file.

  5. henry says:


  6. Cengiz Topcu says:

    Mod icin tskler ama türkce dil neden yok

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