Ultimate Scania Sound


Made this for myself because i wasnt 100% satisfied with nothing else. In my opinion this is the perfect sound for Scania, i watched a lot of real trucks videos to make this as real as possible. Have fun with it =)

Author: Infexis


43 thoughts on “Ultimate Scania Sound

  1. A High Hamster

    amazing! :3

    1. thanks

  2. ur mommy!


    1. thanks

  3. have got link of video for listen the sound

  4. So this is the scania straightpipe sound v2? Or is this just something really different?

    1. yes its the v2 or you can call it final,anyways its the ultimate sound regardless the name =)

  5. Can you put a vidoeo pleas ?

  6. eindelijk iemand die luisterd om een echte v8 te maken hele maal toppie

    1. exactly what i was thinking..

    2. jajaja geweldig (i agree)

  7. I think this sucks!

    1. i made this for myself to like it, its only a bonus is someone else likes it too…

  8. Here’s a clip featuring the sound mod. I have my interior sound turned to 50%. Stock is 5%, so it won’t be as loud inside the truck with stock configuration.


    1. i watched youtube videos real truck how they sound and how much, and this was my result

  9. Freddy Jimmink

    Hmmm….The sound is worse! If You shift gear the rpm sounds the same in every gear, that’s not real at all



    1. this was made for manual transmission and high revving, may sound a bit linnear with automatic.

  10. Why does wastegate sound appear so long after gear changes?

    It’s way too delayed. If it took that long in real life it would be useless as you are already back on the throttle by the time you hear it.

    1. that is because ets2 works that way, i am aware of this but there is absolutly nothing to do about it.

      1. it was made for manual transission not automatic

        1. No worries, just pointing it out incase you weren’t aware.

          I wasn’t referring to automatic transmissions either, I only ever use manual gearbox.

          1. for me this problem appears only with automatic, because when shifting manually you dont accelerate while shifting, you do it after the gear is in so in that case this is perfectly synced and that is how i am driving (you can see in the video what i mean) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqoN3rIy7Xs

  11. possible convertire saund gts saund scania alpha bravo (video you tube) , saund muetze (video you tube) x ets2???

    1. i really have no reason for doing such thing because i dont want any other sound than this. i am no real modder i just made this because i really wanted a good sound so bad…

  12. should would like to have this sound mod but the only part of it that works is the reverse sound, all the other sounds don’t work, the engine sound is just the default that the game comes with. can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? other mods I have for skins, seat position, increased sound all work.

    1. If your “increased sound” mod is for Scania you probably need to remove it. It may cancel out this mod.

      1. that is right, because “increased sound mod” is usualy just a the original sound amplified to higher volume. thanks yankee for your help.

  13. I have the increased sound mod and a Scania straight pipe sound mod and they run fine together, I disabled the straight pipe sound mod and then I have the default sound, then I apply your sound mod and it is still the default sound except for your reverse sound. anyway I will try your suggestions and get back too you. thank you for your help

  14. hey that worked, and it is still loud enough too hear inside the cab, and it sounds bad ###, thanks a bunch for the great sound mod.

    1. Im glad it worked out for ya and that you like it, you´r welcome =)

  15. Guys i have something AMAZING for you coming up, this will change the way you are thinking about ets2 sounds i promise you! =) much love to ya´ll from sweden <3

  16. oh boy !! can’t wait so hurry up.

    1. Something big is coming, perfection takes time 😉
      Hint: http://tinypic.com/r/23r47yd/5

  17. trucker richy

    Hi Infexis. I am not going to run this mod down, just thought you might want to think about turning the sound down a bit, i use headphones and the second i started the engine it nearly blew my ears off lol, good sound though just too loud for me personally. Also i noticed people saying about the sound being weird on automatic transmissions, i had no problems at all with that, just the sound is too high.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. It was kinda ment to be loud, because people who think its too loud can lower the volume on speakers/headphones, but those who want louder cant do anything about it, so that is why i made it like this. Anyways i´m glad you like it. =)

  18. my files got deleted from mediafire so here is a link to my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/5628eo6r4q95a2k/Ultimate%20Scania%20Sound%20by%20Infexis.scs have fun!

  19. wow, so amazing


    1. Thanks 😉

  20. Hey everyone, first of all i want to thank you for the huge support and attention this mod got around the web, you guys are awesome! Second, i wont be releasing any new version of the mod. This because i dont see a reason for changing anything, and i feel i have reached a limit what is possible to do in ets2. I have some great stuff lying around, but untill scs makes some changes how the sound is processed in game, this is THE ultimate scania sound for ets2. Have fun! Much love from Sweden <3

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