Uncle D ETS2 ATS CB Radio Chatter v 1.10


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Yeah yeah yeah….. I know what y’all thinking, “Uncle D” is driving a Scania now? LOL! Well my Freightliner is in da shop and this the only thing they had left on the lot for me to get another load in with. LOL! N-E-Way….here’s another new Uncle D ETS2 ATS CB Radio Chatter Mod version to keep you drivers awake on them long hauls around all them ETS2 map versions and soon them American Truck Simulator maps as well out there! S/O’s to virtual driver & YouTuber “T-Rex” for featuring my mods in his outstanding YouTube videos! You virtual drivers keep yacking & keep trucking and stay tuned for more of my future updates! The mod is simple to install, copy and paste the mp3 file to your ETS2 music folder NOT MOD FOLDER, and turn it on in your sim radio player and go. Hope you U.S. drivers out there enjoy them, and S/O’s to all the other hot mod makers out there in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 community world!
This mod was tested in ETS2 update V1.21
Warning: Language in some parts of ALL my chatter mods is adult oriented. USA Truckers have such potty mouths, so listen at your own discretion! LOL!

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2 thoughts on “Uncle D ETS2 ATS CB Radio Chatter v 1.10

  1. andrewtrex

    Another awesome mod Uncle D! Thank you for the sharing

    1. darnellm09

      No problem “T-Rex” V1.11 is ready, getting it uploaded as we speak

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