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Here’s my (updated) version of the Undiscovered Roads Finder. There are no Game Symbols, Company Name banners or Road numbers. Just you!
Tried and works with the default game map, ProMods, RusMap and MHAPro. Not yet tried with Eastern Express or Hungary Map but can see no reason why it shouldn’t work.
This is intended to be used just to help you find the last 02% of road you’re missing for a 100% road discovery result.
Take note that 100% discovery may be impossible with add-on maps as they often have stray bits of road hidden under warehouses, in the middle of a field and buried etc. that you cannot get at.
Just make sure this loads after any map mods and any other mods that may possibly contain the game_data.sii file (make it load last by prefiixing its name with zeds).

Author: Elmer BeFuddled

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Uploaded.net]
DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Sharemods]

5 Responses to Undiscovered Roads Finder

  1. ayhan says:

    not working in 1.16x 🙁

  2. thnx says:

    1.22 work

  3. botless says:

    Worked in 1.22

  4. qwerty says:

    not working in 1.25x

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