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Q : What’s ‘Union Map’?
A : South Korea Adventure Map + EAA Map Remake

Q : Stand-alone Map or Add-on Map?
A : Add-on Map

Q: Why is it required to have DLC(dlc_east, dlc_north) to use this map?
A: It is required because the map is using models, prefabs, roads, tunnels and many other things from DLC(dlc east, dlc north).

ETS2 Union Map v3.0 : 2016-09-17

New in v3.0

ㆍ Applied ETS2 v1.25 Patch
ㆍ Updated South Korea Adventure Map v6.9
ㆍ Updated EAA Map v4.1 Remake


ㆍ Compatibility Test : ETS2 v1.25
ㆍ Union Map must load with highest Priority.
ㆍ Necessary DLC(dlc_east, dlc_north)
ㆍ Compatibility with other maps : Compatible with All Maps
ㆍ Perfect Compatibility with (Promods, TSM, RusMap)
ㆍ Applied Gateway Ferry System
ㆍ South Korea Adventure Map v6.9(150 Cities) + EAA Map v4.1 Remake(240 Cities)
ㆍ File Name : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_union_map.scs, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_union_map_promods_fix.scs

How to use

ㆍWithout Promods : 1 file( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_union_map.scs )

step 1. Copy 1 file.
step 2. In ‘My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’ folder, Paste 1 File.
step 3. In Game, Activate 1 file.
Step 4. Please go to the calais of France and use the ferry.

ㆍWith Promods : 2 files( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_union_map.scs, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_union_map_promods_fix.scs )

step 1. Copy 2 files.
step 2. In ‘My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’ folder, Paste 2 files.
step 3. In Game, Activate 2 files.
Step 4. Please go to the calais of France and use the ferry.

Authors: South Korea Adventure Team, EAA Team



16 thoughts on “Union Map v 3.0

  1. royqskenzer

    Sweet! Thanks!!

  2. miaoumixed

    Thanks for the job.


  3. I’m waiting for fully TruckersMap and С.Р Байкал in UnionMap..
    Currently it’s better to use South Korea 6.7 and standard EAA 4.1 for me.

  4. jaka kolejność ma być ustawiona map jeśli działa z RusMap + TSM jak napisane było

  5. Harry Hirsch

    Zum Teil alte Maps. Die Maps kann man auch alle seperat downloaden, dann auch neuer. Zudem kann man die Maps dann selber zusamnmen aktivieren, die funktionieren dann auch alle und sind, wie schon geschrieben, neu. Nur zusammengefügte Maps. Schrott!

  6. work+on+1.24xxx

  7. Thanks for the update my brother!

  8. promods ile uyumsuz calışmıyor

  9. spartacus33

    work perfect with promod but no zoom map since 1.24 !!!
    i try with the zoom map 1.24 Rockesiempre in first same as usual in the mod manager but not zoom world map entire ..
    If everyone know a solution ????
    Thanks in advance

  10. Legendskills

    Works on 1.25,
    Tho do you have a spot where I can do bug reports because hungary isn’t finished at all no service stations and trees in the middle of the road…

  11. Can’t work in Euro Truck Simulator 2 v,game freeze and not responding


    Hey i love this map but this is not working with the new versions…

    1. Barend Vink

      Hey i love this map but this is not working with the new versions v1.26

  13. saol

  14. şıdfşıjgcğıyh oıy ğ

  15. haritayı+indirme+tuşunu+bulamadım+mk+nası+bi+site+bu

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