United Nations Trailer


This trailer is my first trailer and it is based on what I believe a United Nations trailer would look like.

How to install;
Drag the “mod” folder located in this zip into your ETS2 mod folder, mine is located;
C:\Users\Matt\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
It will ask you if you want to merge the folders, click yes.
And you’re done!

Permissions of use;
•You may upload this mod to other websites/forums.
•Any reuploads MUST have this EXACT winrar file including everything inside it.
•You must NOT claim it as your own.
•Any reuploads must say that I (MattRobbSan ((on https://www.ets2.lt))) created the skin.
•Do not edit and republish as your own without permission from ME (MattRobbSan ((on https://www.ets2.lt))).
•You can edit the skin for your own, personal use.




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