Universal Trailer Pack V1


Tested in version 1.12.x
Trailers are standalone.
Compatible with all packs trailers

Credits: Matdom1988, Fred_be


12 Responses to Universal Trailer Pack V1

  1. fayee says:

    super! great works fred and matdom

  2. paul says:

    thanks fred great work

  3. Vader says:

    Very good work again! Well done!

    ( Matdom, I can not contact you. This is my mail:
    [email protected] )

  4. Fred_be says:

    Not bother my friend Matdom, Vader Hahahahahahaha πŸ˜‰

    • Vader says:

      I do not want to bother your friend! He himself suggest me!

  5. matdom1988 says:

    I send your mail

  6. Fred_be says:

    No problem Vader I joke πŸ˜‰

  7. HAKAN says:

    Nice pack !

  8. petronny says:

    good job, good boys! I have my own skin mod for my virtual company. I tested your mod to see if it is compatible with mine.
    Fred and matdom, you make a goog team together πŸ™‚

    • Vader says:

      You have a virtual company? Do you need up another driver? :))

    • alexandrusava93 says:

      you have virtual company ? πŸ˜€ can you send me a link ?

  9. Fred_be says:

    thanks πŸ™‚

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