Unlimited Cabin view [1.34.x]

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There are so many people who love Unlimited Cabin view so I decided to make personal mod for all Trucks
Now you can set your seat how you like.



10 thoughts on “Unlimited Cabin view [1.34.x]

  1. Thief!!

  2. president10

    Is my mode stolen. Please do not support.

  3. president10


  4. @president10 : please give us the link to your original mod.

    1. president10

      orginal link : https://sharemods.com/v1rmp94gmusp/Seat_Adjustment_No_Limits.rar.html

      this belongs to me.

      !!do not re-upload !!

      1. FailShady

        Can u update it to 1.35

  5. great mod! thank you

  6. @hadrian : Daj mi link do twojego moda???

  7. @hadrian: Daj mi link do twojego moda???

    Jak to+się ustawia??

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