Unlocked everything v1.11.x


Everything is unlocked!
Small standalone mod by all parts and trucks are directly accessible from the start.

More is not done. This thing is often already in other large modpacks there, but rarely as a “solo mod” seen. Therefore, this version

It bites with every kind of modification that changed the prices or the parts (motors / attachments).



10 thoughts on “Unlocked everything v1.11.x

  1. How it works??

  2. The clue is at the beginning of the description provided by the author…

    “Everything is unlocked!”

    Hope this helps

  3. i think what he is asking is how to enable the mod,because its a def folder not a .SCS mod.

  4. Do i have to make a .scs file and place the def folder inside? or do i just place the def folder and enable it?

    1. unpack the file
      right click on “def” file
      add to archive (with winrar)
      choose ZIP archive format
      change the name from ###.zip in ###.scs

    2. Just zip the DEF folder – Rename it – Save it with an .SCS extension

  5. Just write the instructions how to enabled PLEASEE!!

  6. Deputydawg

    Just rename the .rar to .scs

  7. apferreira truckman

    would be much easier for all you have done a simple. scs ? …

  8. Doesn’t work, bullshit.

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