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UPDATE 1.3.1


What’s new in this update:
– several safety checks added to improve stability with unofficial game mods created for previous versions of the game.

DOWNLOAD 179 MB from any version
DOWNLOAD 108 MB from 1.2.5 (
DOWNLOAD 7 MB from 1.3.0

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58 Responses to UPDATE 1.3.1

  1. Bart van Ham says:

    the file sizes are wrong…. the second one should be 108mb and the third only 7mb

  2. Dovydas says:

    What serial key on this version??

  3. Freddy J says:

    I am so pissed! SCS is gonna have a problem with me, i want my money back! It is too sad how they wanna play Gestapo, Hitler or Chavez! I am so pissed! DON’T DOWNLOAD IT! You’re giving up Your privacy, i wait untill there is an illegal version where we can do like ETS!


    • Bart van Ham says:

      What’s with your privacy? I’m getting he idea you’re not actually Freddy

      • Freddy J says:

        I am who i am mate! But when i get trickered by installing the update and they will check the keycode, that i accept, but then….. They wanna know the mods i am usng and when i say accept all mods i’ve been trown out and may not start the game again! Never again i must say, i paid for the sh.t and than this?

        But okay i keep my mouth shut and wait untill there comes a version like ETS,



        BTW are You the “Really”Bart van Ham?

        • Freddy J says:

          If they go on like that they wanna know how many timnes i have s.x with my partner, in my case my lovely wife,

          No way José! Noch nicht vielleicht! No can do! i wait umtill there is a “normal” version

          • Bart van Ham says:

            I thought someone else used your name because you usually don’t overreact like this 😉

            They don;t want to know which mods you use, it’s just a handy tool to enable or disable mods in-game. Relax!

  4. jeff40 says:

    is anyone going 2 release a key code for this???? why is it we can use any key code for any patch but not for this new one its stupid

    • Quarazhi says:

      Cause you have to have the original game as in actually owning it.

      • jeff40 says:

        you don’t say Sherlock i wouldn’t of known if you never have told me god you are really quick you should be on master mind

        • Freddy J says:


          On this site no-one will give You key, we are here on a professional site, not on hackershell orso!

          BTW You are bending the rules my man!

  5. Freddy J says:

    I bought the game and have an original key asslicker and i can’t update!

    • Bart van Ham says:

      If your game crashes with mods just delete any physics mod, standalone trailer or soundmods! I thought you were wiser than this 😉

  6. jeff40 says:

    i didn’t pay for the pc it was given to me so b4 you open yea trap get yea faxes right and not everyone was born with a silver spoon in there mouth

  7. james says:

    I downloaded the 7 MB version and MY system had no changes in the loading process. When i loaded 1.3.1 there was no key code request. I guess it does it automatically when you upgrade the new version. It may also check everytime you start the game also, but there is no way of knowing. Legal bought games seem to be the only way to go now. Not every body has the money to spend on entertainment anymore, only necessities and that is sad. I am retired and live in texas and it is expensive here also. I am waiting for a 32″ monitor and tv combo now for 6 months so I can have a larger viewing surface, I am a plane and train simulator user also. Remember this is only for entertainment but under real life conditions. I just wish scs would confront the using audience and be more clear on the way this game is now going to be run. It looks like the audience will be a lot smaller in a short time. Whats next?

    • james says:

      i used the link from feb 6 on this site for the download for 1.3.0 using the 106 MB file and the feb 8 file for the update 1.3.1 using the 7 MB file. The take a while to update the 1.2.5 or the files but after starting the upgrade it performed without a hitch. The updates are also the same ones as the official scs site. As i said before having an official copy and official key you will be ok.. As to whether it checks every time you start it or only 1 time,I have no idea.I have not seen any key request even on the 1.3.0 download, it found it all be it self.

      • james says:

        1 other small comment. the 7 MB update takes as long as the 106 MB update probably because of the way it adds info. there is a long pause in the last 1/3 of the upgrade,so be patient and WAIT or it may not complete in the right way if it is distubed during the update. hope this keeps you with the rest of us.

  8. somic says:

    HAHAHA oh dear oh dear, it don’t take a whole lot to rattle old freddys cage does it, HAHAHA.

    and for gods sake use a tampon before you bleed to death

    hark what is that,

    LOL….:) likewise the thanks for a free pc & silver spoon wannabee 🙂

    lol you dummies miss the point alltogether dontya 🙂

  9. Freddy J says:

    What does he write? I can’t understand a letter what he is wriing,

  10. Mak-Kyver says:

    1.3.1 works fine!!, so REALLY what is ur problem??

    • Freddy J says:

      Hmm thanks James, but i still see 1.3.0 and i onlye have problems whewn i istalled it, i can’t do anything, my game rashes constantly, i go back to the store where i bought the game and maybe some-one there can help me

      • james says:

        The only way I think to cure a faulty upgrade is to delete the main scs files and start from scratch with the original downloads that you started the game with and go thru all the upgrades one by one. They do not have any way of reversing the upgrades as far as i know. Sorry to hear of the failure.

    • naveen says:

      Hey! Can anyone tell me what is the real activation key.

  11. Freddy J says:

    I will try that James delete all from my hdd,
    check if there is nothing left and start again,

    Thanks James,

    • james says:

      freddy, what i have done in the past is to copy each finished update into a seperate hhd. That way you can copy over the old file and have a mirror image of the file as it was earlier, or delete the last update and copy a new file from the backup to see if that works. Backing up files is a weekly effort for programs as complex as these are. I had total failure of my main drive and all external hard drives (2) complete backups all in one week. I lost it all!!!! now I have two seperate external drives and one in the computer so it will never happen again. i had to do all my simulators from scratch in one week. It wasn’t fun

  12. Freddy J says:

    James that is the way i work already, but even that will not work here, and i know the problem of loosing things, in Haulin and ETS it happened to me 2 times and i was not amused my man, but thanks for your advise,

    I will clean my whole hdd and begin from totally sctch,



  13. Freddy J says:

    Okay after a mail to SCS they send me 1.3.1 with instructions and it works fine,



  14. Freddy J says:

    No i cleared u all of ETS2, re-installed the orginal and than [atch 1.3.1

  15. Freddy J says:

    patch ^^

  16. Freddy J says:

    Thanks James, but indeed You have to sort out the mods, not all is working in 1.3.x i hope there will come a solution for that,

    And You are right James they have to change that so You can un-install it, now it takes more time,



  17. polvag says:

    I updated the game to 1.3.1. and start playing without mods ..crashes .. ..I started new (clean) profile.. crashes.. I uninstall the game, and reinstall it from scratch etc… start new profile again …the game seems to be ok BUT … when I started to put some mods in(one by one) and only the ones that are made for ver. 1.3.1 … same results.. crashes. I send mail to scs, they send me instructions. I did everything… CRASHES…

    The 1.3 & 1.3.1 I think.. don’t like mods..

    Any ideas guys, before I throw it out of the window, or run over it 100 times with my real truck..



    • james says:

      I have been flustered for a few days now but am now making headway. If you start out a new map, do new profile,using only just the map in the edit file until you do the first save. Then add some more gradually editing only 1 or 2 in at a time to see if the are accepted. If you have a reject it will kick you back to the edit screen and just uncheck what you think did the reject. I have found out so far each map may or maynot work, but using only the map first in a new profile usually will tell you if it will work at all. So far its worked for me and I have now 5 working maps and most of them a=now have added mods.

      • james says:

        In your case maybe just start it up with no mods at all. Before I upgraded to 1.3.1 I made backup copies of the BASE, DEF and LOCALE files in case the update crashed. but I never had to revert to them.

  18. Freddy J says:

    It doesn’t work again for me, i did so as James discribes and i still have the same problems as Polvag, constantly crashes without any mod in it, so Polvag i went back to and that works for me and i stop updating from there, what i miss, i miss, in Tsjchian i say Skoda (= bad luck),

    And if my skins don’t work in 1.3.xx then it is skoda for the people,



    • james says:

      Sorry to hear about total failure.If scs changed
      something in the graphics and your card can’t handle it do you have a different card to install or maybe update the graphics. I feel bad because my machine which i built is running so well, I even have all the sliders maxed out and very very little drag even at 100km in day or night. My processor is only a single core and my card is a AMD PCI EXPRESS 2.1 1GB GDDR5 WITH MULTIMONITOR CAPABILITY BUT I ONLY AM USING ONE FOR THIS SIM. It puts out so much heat i had to put a blower fan on the case with a 10in squirrel cage thru the side, one day I forgot to turn the fan on and it shut down at 110 degrees. Never let that happen again.

  19. polvag says:

    So far , so good, James Thanks for your answer man, everything seems to run ok now on 1.3.1, no crashes and I already put some mods in. All I did is ..uninstall/install (for one more time) the game from cd and after that I download and updated the game with the “from any older version to 1.3.1” file… I don’t know how or why, but it works for me that way..
    Freddy try it (… I know, it’s a pain in the… all this..) if you want 1.3.1.. and why not, you paid the game. You must not accept the fact that something faulty(inside your cd/update file/ or whatever) tries to “transform” your original copy to “illegal” one, and get you stack on 1.2.5 … AND obviously you must not stop sending emails to scs until all this is solved.

    Thanks again guys
    (and sorry for my bad Eng)


    • james says:

      Thanks for the reply. I am not very happy with all the screwups that are being caused by one update. I do believe that they changed upward on the graphic requirement because I have even lost some of the mods that worked on 1.3.0 and do not on 1.3.1. Some graphics cards can not handle the new requirements. Scs can do this cause they are disigners not modders with low budget equipment. If they are just checking security of users they are not be truthful. What will eventually occur is their user base will go by the wayside and they will blame the gamers and modders for the problem. It seems that in the edit profile section, it needs some work to. If you cancel a change and do not use the add button it crashes the computer. Major language fault crashes happen to me. It even screws up my desktop. That only happens if there is a Major error at fault.
      It makes me almost scared to add mods in an active profile. Hope Freddy com back to the flock, we need modders to be patient and resilient against this enemy.

  20. Mak-Kyver says:

    is it scs fault if u r looser? my game works fine, nothing problem…(i dont know about map mods cause i dont use it at this moment) so i think that reason that whine, is somewhere else than scs..

  21. Freddy J says:

    Thanks Late Night Runner, i agree, i stick with and i will skin anyway, according to Bart van Ham trucks, trailers and other mods will work in 1.3.xx accept physics and ai mods, if i understand right,

    James i am not a modder, i am just a simple skinner and know some things changing with software to make things work,f.i mat files

    Vangelis/Polvag i will not try it my man, i am too glad the game runs fine now, what i am gonna do is sending SCS a long mail where i state the prblems and that it has to be solved,
    And my English is just as bad s yours mate,

    And 1 last thing i mend with “illegal” is that there are modders who want to make a mod where all buggs are out,



  22. Mak-Kyver says:

    Freddy i hope that u get ur game work and i’m sorry if u have troubles! u made nice skins also and it would be nice to enjoy ur skins in future too.

    My point at 9:53 pm is against this “the patches are COMPLETE ####.” its same who say that, so nothing personal!!

    • Freddy J says:

      I understand Your point Mak, and if it will not work than i can imagine that someone is Pisssed, i was it too,

      Today i am gonna send a mail to SCS and hope they
      will help us all

      • Mak-Kyver says:

        yeah of course people get pissed cause game is not work, i understand it. but if game work on part of all gamers, but not others,is problem on scs or is prob somewhere else?? im sure that they dont want this “show” 🙂

        I hope that u and scs get game work and find solution theese others too..

  23. Martin says:


    • hex says:

      No, you need to get a legit version of the game, by paying for it, instead of grabbing ripped versions and moaning when they dont work.

  24. mojtaba says:

    what serial key on this version ??help help

  25. GUILLIAN says:

    Does anybody have a working product key?

  26. GUILLIAN says:

    Does annybody have a product key for this version?

  27. kevin says:

    I’ve installed this version but none of my mods works annymore… ??

  28. goransmy says:

    Works just fine with old mods and profile.

  29. Ets2 says:

    Were is cd key?

  30. naveen says:

    what is the product key

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