[UPDATE] Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) Knight Rider Mod

This is an update for the previously uploaded Knight Rider Mod.

Changelog (V 1.1):
– Scanner Lights added (Beacon switch)
– KITT V8 Engine sound added with startup voice and scanner sound on low rpm

Mod Manager Serial
1. KR10K_Interceptor
2. GX71sound
3. kitt

Fahim Auvro
sound by Iron Beast NZ


7 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) Knight Rider Mod

  1. Interesting mod for sure

    1. mod iyimi

  2. ATS Trucker

    whats with the tease of the corvette, that too looks beautiful

  3. Chance "Cyrax" Wilkens, King of Akron, Ohio

    let me tell you this, i too want that corvette more than the pontiac

    1. That Corvette is a car from GTA, There’s a traffic pack out there that adds some GTA cars to the traffic.

      I’m 99% sure it’s one of them. Just an AI car. From GTA.

      1. ATS Trucker

        yeah i had a feeling it was, its sad for i and others like me don’t get much choice for american car mods

  4. Der mod is ja geil aber der Sound iiiigiiit einfach nur ein graus da zerreist es mein Tromelfell

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