Update – New Suspension & Physics v 1.1 FINAL Fix


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Please give suggestions and criticisms in the comments field for repair in the future ….

Gustav Rhan



20 thoughts on “Update – New Suspension & Physics v 1.1 FINAL Fix

  1. Nimeni_Altu

    Sorry man, but here is one link to the
    best physics so far!
    if you can make better then that will be very cool!

    1. Gustav Rhan

      I will continue to try and learn

  2. BAD!!!

  3. tyrannix2342

    Cab suspension is poorly made for soft

    1. Gustav Rhan

      too rigid and less soft, if too soft easy truck rolled …

      1. tyrannix2342

        You need to look online for information about suspension

  4. LionBuster

    This Physics, really sucks :/ is a trampoline truck ¬¬

  5. Gustav Rhan

    exactly once, it is really very annoying … and boring: D

  6. MidniteTrain

    Not so fast guy’s. Whilst I’m with you guy’s in that you don’t like the cab bouncing around like that. I was impressed with the way the cab absorbed the energy when mounting the curb. That in it’s self was impressive. As I have driven European trucks I find this to be true. So the verdict is; bouncing around like a top? No. absorbing bumps and gutters? Yes.
    But then this is just my opinion. Everybody has their likes and dislikes.

    1. Gustav Rhan

      and I am still not satisfied with this, though complicated I will continue to try and learn 🙂

      1. tyrannix2342

        You can not do one physics and one suspension under all trucks. Each model has a different technical specification of a different weight.If you want to do this you need to consult a professional.You need to look for technical data on the network.

  7. MidniteTrain

    Keep up the good work mate. Don’t worry that not everybody likes it. Like you are saying you have to start somewhere.

  8. i think it’s a good start, but you mistake on the front wheel movement you go left and right to easy and fast… remember some are still using a keyboard.
    i hate the hard suspension type from ETS feel like race car.. trucks are today smooth, just jump in one and feel it.

  9. townterrier

    u say this mod sucks? well for those who are putting that go and do one urselves then…..this author by the looks of it is learning and says he will continue to learn…he asks for critisism whether good or bad, but u guys saying it sucks r the reason why modders mostly keep their work private……give him some encouragement, tell him wots wrong with it, not heckle him to the point where he might quit modding…..iv not tried this as dont have physics mods in game, crappy laptop with crappy graphics…..keep up the good work and keep on learning as i am doing with skinning and modding

    1. Nimeni_Altu

      very true TOWNTERRIER!
      the mos is good, just it need a little work at it!!

    2. Nimeni_Altu

      the MOD, i mean

  10. MidniteTrain

    I didn’t put him down. I think he is doing a go job.

    1. townterrier

      i was on bout those that just come out with this physics sucks and left it at that midnite…..like i said, its ppl like that in this community that make modders keep their work private or stop from learning to do any mods

  11. Gustav Rhan

    Hello all, I have found a new mode to the development of the next physics and I took from the base version 1.11.1, yes it is a little harder but more stable maybe one or two more days finished …. thank you for the suggestions and criticisms ….

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