URAL 4320-10 (1977) ETS2 v1.43.x+1.42.x

* “URAL 4320-10 1977 release”
* (This is a full converted version of the truck) – Author: MaxX_AGENT.

* Description:
* Completely autonomous model.
* Chassis: 6×4, 8×8, crane-1, crane-2.
* The volume of fuel tanks on each chassis is 1800 liters.
* There is a little tuning.
* 3 wiper modes.
* Painted in any color + 10 types of skins.
* Kamaz is bought at the dealer of URAL modifications and the RENAULT store.

* Changes for the new version of ETS2:
* New version of “PMG” 3D model (SCS Blender Tools).
* New version of “PMA” animation (SCS Blender Tools).
* Reworked many “mat”, “tobj”, “sii” and “dds” files.
* Support for multiplayer game with CONVOY mode.
* In the interior, the brightness of the sun’s rays on the windshield is reduced.
* Fixed work of on-board computer and GPS navigator.
* Fixed smoke from the exhaust pipe.
* Added cockpit accessories and toys from Steam.
* New engines and transmissions with real performance.
* New high-quality sounds (FMOD) of engines – 4 types (Kraz, MMZ, YAMZ-238 and YAMZ-236).
* Updated interior and fixed camera.
* New lighting format.
* New distance low and high beam.
* Fixed in companies, truck gallery and dealers.
* Carried out cosmetic cleaning of the 3D model and optimization in the game world.
* Fixed all the bugs of the previous version to a minimum.
* The log in the game is almost 99.5% clean (percent).

* ATTENTION!!! Works with skins from the Author – MaxX_AGENT ๐Ÿ™‚
These are Army skins – 38 types and Rusty-old paint – 62 types ๐Ÿ™‚
Also, 5 skins (4K SovTransAuto) for kraz 255-258 were added to the archive for skins ๐Ÿ™‚
The archive has a cabin template for skins !!!

* Test on ETS2 version: 1.43.x.
* Have a smooth road and a pleasant journey!!!

* Authors: Lacoste36.
* Author of 3D model conversion and animation: MaxX_AGENT.
* Author of full adaptation: MaxX_AGENT.
* The author of the archive with skins: MaxX_AGENT.


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One thought on “URAL 4320-10 (1977) ETS2 v1.43.x+1.42.x

  1. MaxX_AGENT

    An update will be released tomorrow!
    In which some changes and shoals are ————>
    * Completely removed light on the windshield in the interior.
    * Fixed uninstalled textures and icons. (Sorry for the 1st update)
    * Fixed brakes – now they are more responsive like Kraz 255-258 ๐Ÿ™‚
    * Fixed chassis physics and truck handling on corners ๐Ÿ™‚
    * Fixed the work of the wipers, which did not remove moisture from the windshield ๐Ÿ™‚

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