Ural 4320-43202 v 6.0

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For sale in DAF
1 cabin
2 cabin options from Kraz and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Chassis: 6×4 (Ural – 4320), 6×6 (Ural – 44202-30), 8×4 / 4, 8×8 / 4, Polarnik, Polarnik – M
Real engine power (large selection)
Real Gearboxes
Realistic headlights
A large number of skins, including Russian

Version 6.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2:

Updated for 1.32.x and 1.33.x
Added many off-road tires (wheels)
Added engines

The authors:
Pathfinder, Ekualizer, Kamazist_1980

Updated and added new details:
Bo Ezduk

Pathfinder, Ekualizer, Kamazist_1980, Bo Ezduk



10 thoughts on “Ural 4320-43202 v 6.0

  1. MovingTarget

    *Squeals of glee* I LOVE these kind of trucks!!!!

  2. I was not able to download it

  3. Zotteltruck

    Absoluter Mist Scheibenwischer defekt , Abstürze, Geriebe Problem,Und man kann keinen einzigen scheiß Trailer ziehn

  4. gut mit den Scheibenwischern ist richtig aber wenn man kleinere Reifen wählt kann man schon jeden Trailer ziehen kurz um ich bin voll zu frieden mit den Truck ein Dankeschön an die Macher

  5. It brought me to a #### website. Please fix this at once.

  6. ismail ozdemir

    I respect to your work that’s why I will not tell you to disable all passwords for RAR files. But you had better allow us to make some modifications in files like changing kerb weight. After coupling trailer front axle raises and I do not able to steer.

  7. LeeHongki534

    los limpia parabrisas no funcionan

  8. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2, URAL 4320-44202 [1.32-1.33-1.34]

  9. Unfortunately, the Ural is 4320 scrap.
    Filled with many skins that are defective.
    In addition it cannot be driven at all reasonable any more.
    And since there is also a password, you can not even try to save it.
    It would be great if someone could save and update this originally great mod.

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