Ural 43202 Black Edition

Ural-43202-Black-Edition-1 Ural-43202-Black-Edition-2

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– Changed / fixed some icons
– Made all tuning parts available from level zero
– Removed the cross form the steering wheel
– Removed kelsa roof grill

Authors: D4rkH0rs3, kualizer, Jean Pierrre, Pathfinder



11 Responses to Ural 43202 Black Edition

  1. Alex40 says:

    Ural 43202 Black Edition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh6UoflKR8o

  2. kalo20111 says:

    fix the dashboard..no indication of flashes or lights.
    the rest is ok….

  3. ROX says:

    I agree whit kalo20111 fix the dam dashboard please !!!

  4. Verdi says:


  5. Theosz says:

    the engines are strong?

  6. icebeer75 says:

    hello people in which traders can I find this truck?

  7. Sarkissian says:

    God Dammit, why does this Ural has to share it’s front grill with the Scania T??
    Fix that please!!!

  8. kkan says:

    this mod makes me crazy! game crashes when i enter volvoshop.

  9. Greg says:

    i cant find in volvo shop

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