Ural 43202 + Trailer v 3.4


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Sold only in the Volvo showroom in Europe
Cabin: 1 piece
Chassis: 6×4 (Ural – 4320), 6×6 (Ural – 44202-30), 8×4 / 4, 8×8 / 4, Polarnik (prepared for the north), Polarnik – M (tandem to the north, the trailer is not supplied)
engines (points maximum): 330 (for three-axle), 400 (for four-axle), 412 (polar)
Transmission: “KamAZ – 141” (5 assists), “KAMAZ-152” (10 assists), “KAMAZ-152b” (10 gears for heavy loads), “ZF-Ecosplit 16 S – ret” (16 speeds, retarder )
Salon: 1 piece
painting: in stock
Airbrush: the bundle includes template (decision a little unusual, but the present instructions)
Optional: Flashing beacon (2 pcs.), light bar (1 piece with additional slots..), the antenna bracket (4 pieces with additional slots..), winch attachment to the rear of the cab with the spare wheel, shovel, cans, boxes under tools, 2 different manipulator, labels and dimensions on the doors, wheels (native in two variants: conventional and north), extra lights, dimensions, beacons, horns
in the cabin: navigation, on-board computer, video recorder, radio
sounds are present
Not the final version, so there are flaws and weaknesses:
Chassis: “northern” option is high, a semi need to enter with caution, for coupling tandem inaccurate by a few millimeters, in the conventional chassis when unhitching the semitrailer can damage
Engines: for trips to the north rather weak, “Uncle” is better not to work (180 horsepower)
Salon: non-native, the animation is not completely done, under the steering wheel switches are superimposed on each other, to version 1.3.1 is not set up the camera
externally: no animation janitors, cabin fever starts with semitrailer clinging “northern” chassis
If you decide to change the type of chassis – in order to avoid relegation will have to buy a truck again.

Updated v3.4
– Adaptation of the truck and trailer to 1.24

Download two files, the first self Ural and the second trailer and DLS National Window Flags!

Authors: Pathfinder, Ekualizer



7 thoughts on “Ural 43202 + Trailer v 3.4

  1. Very very nice truck, my favorite, thanks for your job 🙂 🙂

  2. very nice indeed

  3. hey Pathfinder, Ekualizer,

    I have a question : can you make this one F.S.C. STAR 200 up to date because i want to drive it once again

    1. GamerLionfish

      Yeah, especially since it’s 1.26 now, I’d love for both the F.S.C 200 & the Ural.A.Z 4320 to be updated to the current version as the both of them are great trucks to play with in the game; I really miss them, so badly.

  4. Ekualizer

    I am waiting for official patch 1.25.x
    look news for it on scs forum

  5. JonTheVGNerd

    Truck is great, but because it has poor gas mileage, its not designed for long trips when it comes to deliveries. And if there’s no gas station nearby, your delivery is screwed.

    1. Yes, a great truck! Sure the 300L fuel-tank is too small and was too small already in older game versions. However I downloaded this new version and drove this truck today – and over a long trip. At least you can drive 650 – 700 km minimum with a 13 tons trailer. But you get much fun to drive this truck. It is very special and old-fashioned, but this is fascinating. Same as the sound. Wipers are a little small and don’t work well, however I like it. What makes it so sympathically – it is the truck in whole – and driving it means something like a ‘time travel’ into good old times.

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