Ural 43202 v 7.5

Ural-43202-v-7.5-1 Ural-43202-v-7.5-2 Ural-43202-v-7.5-3 Ural-43202-v-7.5-4

– The model can be found in the grand Salone Volvo before the last slot
– Implemented chassis 6×4 , 6×6, 8×4 / 4, 8×8 / 4
– Implemented srzyn replica engines and transmissions
– Dokonoano a number of changes to the model and parts
– Additional new elements not found in the base model
– Model in the fast jobs listed ( in realistic configurations , engine-transmission)
– Fixed placement of the animation in the cabin
– Added 8 show Fuel Gauge
– Added modified gear for heavy loads
– Separate motors for frame 6×4 , 6×6 and 8×4 / 4, 8×8 / 4
– Added optional GPS , DVR, on-board computer , CB – radio
– The Truck has its own camera , with full compatibility with other mods.
– The sound with the integrated modem
– Added winds as a separate part
– Added 15 P olarnik chassis with separate engine and transmission
– Added chassis Polar – M version for tandems
– Mesh skins bundled with the modem ( instructions inside)
– Available three interiory : Standard, Sleeper , Stalker
– Two types of wheels for polar , polar and Arctic
– Added safety cage Attached roofgill

Author: Ekualizer


10 Responses to Ural 43202 v 7.5

  1. kcks says:

    video plz

  2. 2play4fun007 says:



    Subscribe 4 more videos

  3. UnNamed says:

    Yeah finally, keep up the good work!

  4. klever says:

    All rpm ogg are same. Give back the V.1.0 sound, no need turbo. Please.

  5. Kalash156 says:

    Great model, outside and inside, but unfortunately it still sounds like a clogged up vacuum cleaner.

  6. Dadoug says:

    I had game crashes a few times actually pulled a 15 ton load and was ok with the heavy tranny and 360? motor will have to try it on the Russian map with all the ice and stuff

  7. Delta_880 says:

    My only complaint is that the engine is very weak… especially with some of the trailers I added (like a 39 tonne T-72), other than that… it’s great

  8. Wolftrucker says:

    It won’t show in the dealership or at the onlinestore

  9. Joseph says:

    its unfortunate the file cannot be downloaded please mediafire download?????

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