Ural 6464 v 2.3

ural-6464-2 ural-6464-1

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All the same as for version 1.22, only adaptation to the new version:

* Fixed a bug with a red ravine
* Fixed interior camera
* Fixed animation speedometer
* Fixed mats and arrows devices. Now look brighter
* Fixed raindrops on all windows
* Fixed animation janitors
* Added to the tuning wings
* Added to the tuning bumper
* Added to the tuning in buckets
* Fixed wheels for new version for versions of the game 1.26.x.x.x

JAWA,Stas556,Mishanka,Artem Abbasov,AMTomas,ZY Express,russiatruck



11 thoughts on “Ural 6464 v 2.3

  1. Нет адаптации для 1.26.х – Вылет из игры ??

    1. моды научись ставить.лол.все работает на 1.26

      1. Консул – Физика дер..мо !! Мод не адаптирован под последний патч 1.26. ПОЛЬЗУЙСЯ,ЕСЛИ ТЕБЯ ЭТО УСТРАИВАЕТ ЗА ПРОШЛОЕ ВРЕМЯ )))

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video

  3. Консул,он реально вылетает,стоит 1 Урал.расположение правильное.

    1. Бродяга – Потому что – ЭТО ????

  4. morris12345

    As I walk into the dealer and the game falls down is that the old version mod.

    1. That’s because there in the second part are wrong/incorrect chassis file that causes this crash(at least in my game.log I see that kinda info). + author seems an a$$hole – he’s not only making a glitching mod, he wont let anyone to change or correct it inserting password in second part…

  5. Gameplayhd2015

    this is the old 2.0 version

  6. The mod is cool, but the sound of the truck at high rpm makes me headaches. It’s kind of a whistle XD

  7. I love this truck.. I slightly longer cab would be ideal..
    Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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