Ural Bosna


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Ural Bosna Truck with Interior and Sound
Tested 1.3.1 version

Author: almir


9 Responses to Ural Bosna

  1. EneaMaconi says:


    • Ats says:

      ikr really whats the point of re-uploading a mod from 1.3.1!!!

  2. Adam says:

    “Tested 1.3.1 version” Waaaaaaaat?

  3. GamerHacker says:

    For 1.3.1 version and very bad skining skills you are kidinng me?

  4. AlexCrazy says:

    some ##### disfigured Ural from Ekualizer :)))

  5. 000777 says:

    Не понимаю людей которые уродуют хорошие моды. ФУ ФУ ФУ….

  6. Joe the gamer says:

    WHATTT??????? 1.3.1 version?????

  7. Joe the gamer says:

    Sorry, but this is VERY OLD version 🙁

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