Ural Next v 2.0

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* For sale in Scania
* 1 engine and chassis
* 2 gearboxes
* 2 interior
* Small tuning
* 3 types of wheels
* 2 types of disks

In this version I fixed errors, cleaned the log and adapted it for new versions 1.32.x and 1.33.x

Max Zinkevich


4 thoughts on “Ural Next v 2.0

  1. thanks I will test! 😉 is there any difference between Ural Next and Gazon Next? I currently make Ai traffic sounds for Jazzycat Russian pack and I have struggled a lot to find a good sound for gazon next, ,maybe with Ural next in search I will have more success 😉

  2. No support for Sisl addons?

  3. great model, good sound and has a great feel to drive ( especially with right suspension settings).However it has several issues. No accessory attachment points, not even exterior for lights or horns. No information ( cruise control ) on dashboard . Transmission ratios are way too low for an engine this weak, struggling to accelerate with loads over 20 tons ( couldn’t reach 11 and 12 gears with a 25 ton trailer).

    Minor bugs&issues; one of the wheel model is not aligned properly, looks wobbly when rolling. wipers are broken.

    I loved this truck and i don’t want to give up on it, i hope you can improve on it.

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