Usa Trailer Pack v1.0


American standalone trailer pack
It works in 1.21
not in traffic
compatible with dlc scandinavia
wheel standalone



4 thoughts on “Usa Trailer Pack v1.0

  1. Почему на некоторых трейлерах или их частях отсутствует текстура?

    1. В том смысле, что там просто заливка одним цветом.

  2. Faelandaea

    I love it. Only feedback I can give here is that the Wal Mart trailer – Reefers in the US do not have three axles. You will SOMETIMES see more than 3 axles on jumbo trailers, or on flatbed/lowbed trailers or special trailers for heavy loads, but on all Reefers and standard trailers in the USA you will never see more than 2 axles.

    If you ever see a standard trailer in the USA with more than 2 axles, it’s either a special customized one for a special purpose, or one temporarily visiting from another country.

    Other than that, though, this mod is awesome, and regardless of small errors, the contribution IS appreciated and welcomed 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  3. No shadows ??

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