Usa Utility Trailer 3000r v1.0


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Pleace keep the credits for this mod
Mod content:
Standalone trailer, utility 3000r
Standalone wheels for trailer
Mod leds and turn light colors by b4rt
Mod hdr fix v4.0 by night-son

And 5 skins:
Food lion
More skins in the next updates.

Install notes:
Just put the .Scs file in your mod folder.

You can share this on other sites, but keep the original download link and credits! Do not reupload!

This mod is compatible with versions 1.18.x and 1.19.x

CREDITS: “Eclipse – rims ; Steve aka evh5150vanhalen – TK SB3 reefer unit ; pete379jp – TK SB200 WHISPER reefer unit ; Ivan aka hardtruckisthebest and B4RT for trailer conversion to ETS2”


19 thoughts on “Usa Utility Trailer 3000r v1.0

  1. Short_Circuit

    US Trailers has a boogie in the back, or a spread axle…. two rear axles, not three….

    1. These utility trailer’s have 3 axles in the rear as an option (Mostly for California and Michigan, where they can carry heavier loads, but can be seen elsewhere)

  2. Ei man. beautiful trailers! beautiful trailers indeed!!

  3. well, this sure brings back memories…sorry to burst your bubble kid, but I highly doubt you made any of this stuff. Maybe you did an awesome job converting it from \Haulin” but that’s it. How do I know? Well, those sure look like my skins from back in the day:) Listen guys, I’m sure names like Ivan, Chris(bayonet), Steve, Rowan(rockhobbit99) , Mitch, Aaron, Cory, tripleH and others doesn’t say anything to you now, but these dudes started modding american stuff like 10 years ago, for games like 18 Wos Pttm and 18 Wos Haulin’ . Wrong credits or lack of any credit is what changed trucking communities over the years. Modders get pi$$ed and eventually keep the good stuff for themselves. Please do your research before releasing mods that are not yours and post credits.
    PS: C’mon kid, only 5 skins?! I’m sure you can do better. I released 47 skins for this particular trailer between 2008-2011:
    – Baldwin, Cascadia custom, Danfreight, Hannaford, Jim Palmer, Lightspeed, Lynden, Metro, Midwest, Montana Express, Stevens, Prime Inc, Safeway, Shaffer, Swift, TransX, Albertsons, Resers, Domino’s, Sargento, Dairyland, Robert, Western, Fry’s, England, Tyson, Giant, Wegmans, Food Lion, Blue Bunny, Kroger, Kindersley, Marten, Reimer, Navajo, May Trucking, Glenncoe, Erb, McLane, VersaCold, DFS, TWT, Wal*mart, Warren, Willis Shaw, Akin&Porter and Peirone.
    Your move, kid.

  4. Отличная работа!!! Хотелось бы больше видеть такие виды +

  5. Sorry bruno77, however this mod I picked up in a pack of American trailers where they had not credit it, so posted without them, do not want to forget anyone, and really I just did the conversion work to the euro truck simulator 2. Only launched as the tools available meeram really beg your pardon, and the other if I do not give them the deserved merits, I intend to launch a few more skins, and in the next update, I’ll do a more detailed search on the internet to put the due credits . Again, I apologize!

    1. yea, well, it’s ok. If u still want to post some credits here they are ( from my old Haulin mods):
      – utility trailer ( Eclipse – rims ; Steve aka evh5150vanhalen – TK SB3 reefer unit ; pete379jp – TK SB200 WHISPER reefer unit ; Ivan aka hardtruckisthebest – all else)
      -warex terminal tanker trailer ( TruckerDude ; Ivan aka hardtruckisthebest ; Chris1, Bora, Steven and Reddog.

      1. Thank Bruno77, I was looking at some forums in search of the credits Warex Terminal, and TABM of all Utility, and you have shown me all here. Soon reefer post updates to the other if you allow your SKINS. Thank you again in future Mods will always be seeking the credits owed to post.

    2. B4RT, looks like a mismatch of trailers with Peterbilt 389 1.2.1 by maxx2504 and viper2. In making very sharp turns the cabin seems to enter the ground. I hope you can fix it.

      1. send me the error log, for me to have a look!

        1. The log does not show any error. but paying more attention realized that glith affects not only the Peterbilt, but the game trucks also. I made a little video showing my problem with the Volvo FH16. (Lower the audio! This very high.)

          1. Probably a bug in Collision, this week cast an update with some more skins there try to fix this, I apologize!

  6. Thanks B4RT !

  7. [ST] JPM (CANADA)

    Transport Robert, that’s great, if I’m not mistaken it’s a Canadian company, their all over Canada and the U.S., and I think a little in Europe, I’ll be sure to download it. Also my friend works for transport Robert and that’s the trailer I used when I moved the last time. Thanks to whoever made this mod!

  8. Thanks. The only thing i think it could be different is the turn signal color. many american trucks and trailers have the red turn signals, as we can see in kenworth k100 and peterbilt 389. But it’s only a suggestion.

    1. Suggested noted thank you!

  9. great job but better for ats

  10. To accompany future MODS and UPDATES join the group on facebook

  11. Hello everyone, I forgot something when I created the settings of my trailers, which is the travel company’s DLC NORTH, so I’m releasing this fix. It is useful for all 3 Mods TRAILERS I launched!

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