Have you ever wanted used trucks in your game? Well, this mod for you!

The main features presented from version 1.5.6:
Each brand / truck model from the main game as a used truck;
Each truck comes with different mileage, accessories, wear of parts, engine status and price;
Paints of some trucks are washed, have scratches / dust / rust, and some belonged to old companies;
Used trucks have their own representative office in Frankfurt.

Detailed aspects of some truck characteristics:
Truck prices range from 43% to 55% (compared to their new version), depending on their kilometer;
The more kilometers, the cheaper the price, but spare parts for trucks are larger than;
As a disadvantage, you cannot change the cabin, chassis, engine, interior and transmission of the used truck, but you can paint it and add / delete accessories.

Engine status features:
The state of the engine can be found in the title of the engine;
Engines with high mileage will have constant “fatigue” and will not be able to achieve maximum power (up to 20%);
Each engine is unique and has an individual torque curve;
Trucks with a non-working engine will have (!) At the beginning of the name and will be shown in the description;
If the engine is broken, you will have several options for used / new engines.

Car dealership:
You can go to the truck dealer in Frankfurt (still with Iveco flags) and buy used trucks there (also on the map);
Tab of used trucks in the shopping center mods where you can buy all trucks.

For the game version 1.41.x



One thought on “USED TRUCKS DEALER 1.41

  1. plz add more trucks in diealer and do a tuning for it because when i buy truck i cant ubgrade engine chasis gearbox itd. plz because that mod can be good

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