V8K-Blaine Painted Sunshield V2


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Change Scania Logo – vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_rcab_2009\sunshield_logo.dds

for Color

Available for:
– Scania R
– Streamline
– Scania T
– 50k Scania 2008 (not tested!)

SCS is Open!



8 Responses to V8K-Blaine Painted Sunshield V2

  1. willy1962 says:

    Thank you very much that you make this sunshield
    for 50k Scania 2008 and its working.
    and its looking beautiful!!!
    I only don`t understand color change .
    if I want black for the 50k Scania 2008 what must I change then ?
    wuld you be so kind to tell me.

    • V8K-Blaine says:

      For Color..Replace Color.dds color2.dds color3.dss in vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_rcab_2009\change_color\

      and logo.. replace sunshield_logo.dds in folder vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_rcab_2009\change_color\..

  2. RedLion says:

    could u do for volvo and man too?

  3. wegger says:


  4. willy1962 says:

    Thanks for the explain .

  5. alex 1982 says:

    hello how is colored the sunshield?can you explaine the process please?thanks!

  6. Worksgr8 says:

    Can we make this metallic please

  7. C4RBON94 says:

    Buggy. Wipers clip through the visor and the reverse inside texture is annoying.

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