V8K-Blaine Painted Sunshield V2


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Change Scania Logo – vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_rcab_2009\sunshield_logo.dds

for Color

Available for:
– Scania R
– Streamline
– Scania T
– 50k Scania 2008 (not tested!)

SCS is Open!




8 thoughts on “V8K-Blaine Painted Sunshield V2

  1. willy1962

    Thank you very much that you make this sunshield
    for 50k Scania 2008 and its working.
    and its looking beautiful!!!
    I only don`t understand color change .
    if I want black for the 50k Scania 2008 what must I change then ?
    wuld you be so kind to tell me.

    1. V8K-Blaine

      For Color..Replace Color.dds color2.dds color3.dss in vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_rcab_2009\change_color\

      and logo.. replace sunshield_logo.dds in folder vehicle\truck\upgrade\sunshield\scania_rcab_2009\change_color\..

  2. could u do for volvo and man too?

  3. Thanks!

  4. willy1962

    Thanks for the explain .

  5. alex 1982

    hello how is colored the sunshield?can you explaine the process please?thanks!

  6. Can we make this metallic please

  7. Buggy. Wipers clip through the visor and the reverse inside texture is annoying.

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