V8K Private Font Collection v 3.0


My Private Font Collection v3 !

(Not Windows paint compatible! only for Photoshop CS, paint.net ….)




17 Responses to V8K Private Font Collection v 3.0

  1. zippe says:

    a great and very usefull font collection,many thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. wujo says:

    How Can I add it to truck ?? which format save in photoshop ??

  3. thimic51 says:

    Hey !!!

    It’s a beautifull Christmas gift

    NICE !!!!


  4. Pat Stringer says:

    Merci 🙂

  5. TruckerJacob says:

    verry nice
    only how to use in Paint.net???
    Can anybody tell me

    • V8K-Blaine says:

      compatible for
      Photoshop, paint.net, Gimp and more!

      not compatible
      MS Paint (Microsoft Paint)

  6. Canarinho says:

    Hi, is that for modders or how can i use that?

    • V8K-Blaine says:

      It´s a Font, you can use it in for example Photoshop as a Text-Layer and if this font is selected, you will get these Symbols

  7. biggy smalley says:

    Do you see the letters next to the font? If you select this font in your app then type the letter A on your keyboard you get that graphic. Type B you get that one and so on through Z. Quite simple. No more difficult than changing the font for your email. 🙂

  8. Chris says:

    I dont see this mod in-game…

    • zoso says:

      Friend this is not a mod
      are characters (font) to be installed in the PC
      you can use them to create skins or other
      with software explained by V8K-Blaine
      but if you read the above explanations are easy to understand

  9. KiLLeR Modding says:

    where do I add the fonts in paint.net? please help me with something like this E:\Program Files\… – help me with the path.

    • KiLLeR Modding says:

      nevermind… got it works, they are awesome 😀 thanks

    • zoso says:

      Just double click on the file V8K_Private_Decals
      and it opens the installation window and confirm
      Open paint net and find them in writing characters

  10. MKR says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesomeness !

    For those that do not know or wonder what this is:
    Its a nice font that you can use in other applications to create skins, decals and other stuff.

  11. TheGreenlightTrucker says:

    Thanks / Dankeschön V8K 😉 Work’s great (:

    Das MAN Logo brauchte ich sowieso direkt 😀

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