V8K Private Font Collection v 3.0


My Private Font Collection v3 !

(Not Windows paint compatible! only for Photoshop CS, paint.net ….)




17 thoughts on “V8K Private Font Collection v 3.0

  1. a great and very usefull font collection,many thanks for sharing with us!!

    1. agree, really appreciated !

  2. How Can I add it to truck ?? which format save in photoshop ??

  3. Hey !!!

    It’s a beautifull Christmas gift

    NICE !!!!


  4. Pat Stringer

    Merci 🙂

  5. TruckerJacob

    verry nice
    only how to use in Paint.net???
    Can anybody tell me

    1. V8K-Blaine

      compatible for
      Photoshop, paint.net, Gimp and more!

      not compatible
      MS Paint (Microsoft Paint)

  6. Canarinho

    Hi, is that for modders or how can i use that?

    1. V8K-Blaine

      It´s a Font, you can use it in for example Photoshop as a Text-Layer and if this font is selected, you will get these Symbols

  7. biggy smalley

    Do you see the letters next to the font? If you select this font in your app then type the letter A on your keyboard you get that graphic. Type B you get that one and so on through Z. Quite simple. No more difficult than changing the font for your email. 🙂

  8. I dont see this mod in-game…

    1. Friend this is not a mod
      are characters (font) to be installed in the PC
      you can use them to create skins or other
      with software explained by V8K-Blaine
      but if you read the above explanations are easy to understand

  9. KiLLeR Modding

    where do I add the fonts in paint.net? please help me with something like this E:\Program Files\… – help me with the path.

    1. KiLLeR Modding

      nevermind… got it works, they are awesome 😀 thanks

    2. Just double click on the file V8K_Private_Decals
      and it opens the installation window and confirm
      Open paint net and find them in writing characters

  10. Thank you for sharing this awesomeness !

    For those that do not know or wonder what this is:
    Its a nice font that you can use in other applications to create skins, decals and other stuff.

  11. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Thanks / Dankeschön V8K 😉 Work’s great (:

    Das MAN Logo brauchte ich sowieso direkt 😀

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