V8K Scania Michelin Wheels

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Scania Michelin Wheels Pack for Patch 1.17.0

Red Kingz Wheels Updated
+ 3 New wheels
+ Decals and new Textures Option (standard/white/yellow)

No other download Hoster!

Authors: V8K-Blaine, BartvHam, KAMAZ, Максим Огневенко


20 Responses to V8K Scania Michelin Wheels

  1. Maty_truck says:

    Scania is private?

  2. Sca says:

    add pack ‘”smaller tires” wheels next update ? Please (; Thanks

  3. Ghostrider2800 says:

    WOW!!! Thank you for this incredible wort. Awesome Job dude. I really appriciate all your work.

  4. Anders says:

    Can you make a pack without the scania and v8 logos, so that the rims fit other trucks like volvo? 🙂

  5. Willy says:

    Can someone make this beautiful wheelpack compatible with the
    50K Scania R2008 ?

  6. EnzO says:

    you will make a Kelsa pack for Scania in the future?
    if not beautiful your work 😉

  7. wegger says:

    Great job! Danke!

  8. Josom says:

    To bad they only look good on Scania. Maybe someday modder will drive other things than Scania.

  9. Anders says:

    Thanks alot 🙂

  10. Ghostrider2800 says:

    Hi Blaine,

    there is a conflict with this mod. It disables close to all standard SCS rims and all SCS tires. I mean your wheels are by far the best which i have seen so far but they dont look good on an Actros for example.

    • V8K-Blaine says:

      only for scania

      • Ghostrider2800 says:

        I just checked that and it disables the SCS rims and tires on every truck not only on a Scania.

  11. marchamilton says:

    V8K you need too email me plz so we can chat privately. [email protected]

  12. JohnnyBoy59 says:

    Very good job.

    But I did for my use, a little change in tire part (tire/v8k_mats/*****.mat
    diffuse : { 0.5 , 0.5 , 0.5 }
    specular : { 0 , 0 , 0 }
    shininess : 80
    If you try in only the white you see the difference the yellow and white 😉

    Again, good job.


    • Jim says:

      Thanks for the tip bro 😀 looks WAY better now! Before it was to shiny for my taste. Didn’t look real to me 😀 Thanks again dude 😀

  13. Super v8 says:

    Black warior really good job mate

  14. amengfox says:

    All scania or standard scania . Example scania t by rjl? Can I use this mod with scania t?

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