Vabis Combo


Scania T Longline & Schmitz trailer Vabis skin pack. Trailer replace cooliner trailer



4 thoughts on “Vabis Combo

  1. beautiful skin frankly it is c savvy tubby and I skiner I say bravo it changes what we can see here in the genre copy coler fred b etc … I recognize that the job is very well done

  2. magnifique skin franchement ça c est du boulote et en skiner avertis que je suis je dis bravo ça change de ce que l on peux voir ici en copier coler dans le genre fred b etc… la je reconnais que le boulot est tres bien réalisé

  3. Aleksandro

    Hello. Can I use your material for Scania RJL Longline. Loved your skin

  4. Nice skin this, i use to use it a few years ago and it still works, I know it is a old mod but can it be made to be an available paint job on the Owned trailers?

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